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Relocation Woes

The mere fact that you are thinking of relocation means that the reason for doing so is pretty important. If that is the case, make up your mind fast and weigh the pros and cons already because trust me, the process of relocation is not anywhere easy. It is stressful as hell and you are not even stepping out of your old house yet.

Just ask anyone who moved from one place to another after staying for so long in one town and they will tell you that the last two weeks in the old town and the first few weeks in the new town can be pretty hellish. Here are some of the relocation woes that you need to face before you can actually rest and relax in your new place.

1. Stuff, Stuff and more stuff

If you are a veteran mover and are used to moving from one place to another, it would not be a problem as you will have the sense not to purchase and keep so much stuff, but if you are someone who did not even think of moving until the opportunity presented itself, you will probably tons of things that you don't know what to do with.

Usually, the first order of business is to determine which should go to the trash can, which will be sold and which will be packed. This can be heartbreaking as you are in a way throwing away or selling decades of memories. Most people would not want to part with their things and would want to bring all of them to the new location. But this cannot be.

2. Movers

After segregating the stuff, you now have to pack the stuff that you need in cartons and hire a reliable moving company to bring them to your new relocation. This however should mean that you already have a place on the other side of the atlantic. If you still do not have one, this is one problem that you need to take care of as soon as possible. Leaving town and moving to another without a place to stay is just idiotic.

In hiring movers, make sure that you gave them the right address. If you can, go with them when moving your stuff. Or if you know somebody with a big truck, let them do the moving. You can just pay a small amount as well as the gas. This is especially true if you do not have much stuff with you.

3. Paper works
Changing address is not as easy as you think especially if you are moving to another country and not just another town. Moving to another state even requires some paper works like registering to various government agencies to update your record. Remember that each state will have different laws and therefore need different sets of records for them to be imposed.

Another country is even more complicated as you need to secure either a working visa or a working permit as well as the permit to stay in that country.

Relocation may be a hassle but at the end of the day, if all the stress is well worth the new life and the new opportunity that it provides, then you have not lost anything at all. You, in fact, will be gaining a whole lot.


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