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You Need a Mover to Help With Your Relocation

Have you ever moved from your current location? If this is your first time, a lot of people will tell you to get the assistance of a mover because they have the trucks and the manpower to help with your relocation. Now that you know that, it is time begin looking for a mover.

Ideally, you should hire a mover at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the official moving date. This will allow you to pack everything and plan ahead so you are not rushed into anything.

Before you look in the phone book or online, ask your friends, relatives, business associates or even your employer for a referral. If your company has made their employees move in the past, they know who they can call on. Chances are they will even shoulder the cost.

Never go for the first mover that you come across. As much as possible, get three moving companies and then check each one out. You can do a background check on these companies and if they are clean, it is time for them to do an estimate.

If a mover wants to give you an estimate over the phone, donít call on them again because most professional movers will have to see how much stuff will have to be moved first before coming up with a reasonable figure. You should also show them around the house including what items that will be moved from the basement.

Given that the mover has been in the business for a very long time, donít be afraid to ask questions. The mover should be able to insure your goods so that in the event of damage or loss, they will be the ones who will take responsibility and even pay for it.

The moment they arrive to give an estimate or before they leave, they are required by law to give you a brochure of their company. Included here are your rights and responsibilities. If for instance you donít pay them up front, you will be obligated to pay any remaining charges or the original amount plus ten percent interest within 30 days.

When you have all the information, take some time to consider each of the movers. Donít go for the mover that offers you the lowest price. In some cases, those that offer the lowest prices have the poorest service. There have also been instances wherein the mover scammed the client and took all their valuables.

You can protect yourself from this by asking for references. By talking to previous customers, you can get a feel of how satisfied they were with the moverís service.

Come moving day, let the people from the moving company and let them do their stuff. If you hired a moving company that will pack everything for you and unpack it at the next destination, the better so that you donít have to do this task yourself.

If ever you fall victim to a rouge mover, call MoveRescue at 1-800-832-1773. The people there will get on the case and try to bring whoever scammed you to justice.

A relocation is a big thing especially when you and your family will have to adjust to the new environment. So you donít have to worry about the moving phase, have a professional company do it since this is something they are good at.


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